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A Guide To GP Salaries in Australia

‘What will be my GP salary in Australia?’ This is one of the most common and important questions UK GPs ask when considering working as a GP in Australia. GPs earn well and live well in Australia and, as a general rule, are able to afford a good lifestyle and are likely to earn more than they would in the UK.

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GPs in Australia earn well and live well!

With rare exception GPs in Australia will not be on a salary but will be contracted to a practice, providing their services in return for a percentage of the fee or billing taken by the practice for each patient consultation. This means you will only earn when you see patients and the key to a good income is ensuring you have a strong patient base. The reason GPs earn this way is that it is more tax efficient than if on a salary, and UK GPs also find this gives them much more control over their earnings in Australia than they would have in the UK. For more information about how you will work as a GP in Australia visit our working as a GP in Australia page.

The number of work hours

For our national calculations, we have assumed 40 hours a week. The more hours you work the more you earn.

Your average hourly billings

Bulk-billing practices average 5-6 consultations per hour, mixed billing is a little less, perhaps 4-5 per hour.

Percentage of billings you receive

Most practices pay 60-65%. 70% is rare and usually only available at newly established, bulk billing practices.

Number of weeks of leave

For our calculations we have assumed 4 weeks of leave, which is about average for a full-time GP.

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These are indicative earnings of GPs in Australia, based on a 40-hour working week and taking 4 weeks annual leave a year.


Bulk Billing
Mixed Billing
60 % of billings



60 % of billings
65 % of billings



65 % of billings
70 % of billings



70 % of billings
Gross Billing


For our bulk-billing calculations, we have used an average consultation fee of $45 for bulk billing. The normal rebate is $37 however you may have extra billable items (such as pap smears, health care plans, suturing, etc). You may also charge patients a higher fee for longer consultations. Generally, Australia has moved to a focus on bulk billing, therefore, you may earn more at a bulk billing clinic due to higher patient numbers.


Gross Billing
5 patients @ average 43 = 215 average hourly billings
4 patients @ average 60 = 240 average hourly billings

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