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The most significant thing about the GP lifestyle in Australia is that UK GPs will discover they have considerably more free time on their hands than they did when working in the UK.  Most UK GPs making the move state that they are doing so to achieve life/work balance, so choosing a lifestyle in Australia is, well, as important as choosing a job!  

The variety of lifestyles in Australia mostly centre around climate, geography and the character of the people, particularly in urban areas.   

The country is vast with a variety of climates and landscapes from  Mediterranean, sub-tropical, tropical, alpine, desert, temperate.  Renowned for its beaches,  it may surprise to know that Australia actually has more snow cover (in area) than Switzerland.  GPs working in Australia will find a climate and lifestyle to suit.

Originally settled by the English, the population is now very multicultural and diverse particularly in the cities.   The country is rich in minerals and has a very high standard of living – among the highest in the world.  Taxes are a bit steep, but the flip side is that there is very little poverty.

It almost goes without saying that a warmer, sunnier climate makes everything better, including your outlook on life!  The Australians therefore have a positive, can-do attitude, are easy going and relaxed, but work hard.  UK GPs making the move will find these characteristics infectious and will readily embrace the lifestyle opportunities Australia offers.

Varied Lifestyles in Australia

A thriving city and state with an easy laid-back lifestyle. Great for those who love the outdoors, who want to explore the outback, who seek an affluent lifestyle with high income to cost of living ratio, enjoy compact city living, and who love cricket - but then where in Australia do they not love cricket!

The state of WA is vast - if it were a country it would be the 10th largest country in the world, it has 12,500 km of coastline, is rich in natural resources, has vast wheat stations, is great for wine growing, close to Asia, and closer to the UK than other Australian cities - it is now possible to fly direct Perth to London - and is home to the highest number per capita of self-made millionaires.

Perth, the capital city of WA, has 19 stunning beaches, more sunny days than any other city in Australia, outstanding schools, five world-class universities, art galleries, concert halls, and is home to WACA, famous for international cricket.

The cost of living (particularly housing and consumables) is considerably lower than other major cities in Australia which means that GPs will be able to afford a great lifestyle in and around Perth.

For more inspiration visit our GP jobs in Perth page where you will find a short video about Perth and WA and the biggest choice of DWS GP jobs of any city in Australia.

For GPs seeking an easy, comfortable and culturally rich lifestyle in Australia, it doesn't get much better than Adelaide.

Set on the Southern Coast of Australia, the charming city of Adelaide provides one of the most attractive and compact cities in Australia.  The Torrens River runs through the heart of the Edwardian city, with parks, gardens, concert halls including an iconic open air hall, theatres, museums, art galleries, boutique shops all within a gentle stroll of one another.  UNESCO has recognised Adelaide as an international City of Music.

Adelaide was the only city in Australia not to be established by convicts and, curiously, has a bit of a history of voting labour.

There’s lots to do on your time off around Adelaide: swimming in the ocean, visiting the wineries in the Barossa Valley, watching cricket, penguin watching, visiting the opal mines, tramping through the mysterious Flinders Ranges, or taking a luxurious trip on The Ghan train slicing up through the middle of Australia through the red desert to the city of Darwin. 

With classic Mediterranean weather, Adelaide can be very hot in summer and quite cold in winter.

There are still some excellent DWS vacancies in Adelaide, and the beauty of the lifestyle here for GPs is that because the city is relatively compact, you will not need to spend time commuting.  Visit our GP jobs in Adelaide page for more information about the city and jobs for UK GPs.

Lifestyles in Australia, indeed world-wide, don't get much better than in Melbourne. Considered the most liveable city in the world for seven years in a row,, Melbourne has just been pipped to the post by Vienna! 

While Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia, it is nonetheless compact and has a distinctly European feel with its trams criss-crossing the inner ring of the city.  It is definitely a young persons city!  It attracts large numbers of young professionals working in IT, healthcare or banking. The city is vibrant by night and is well known for its world class food and cafe culture, and offers a great lifestyle for young people. The city has attracted immigrants world-wide and is now very culturally diverse and cosmopolitan.

The state of Victoria is described as the bread basket of Australia and is awash with wineries and arable farmlands. The state also has a number of attractive and historic cities dating back to the gold rush period of the mid-1800s.

There are so many things to do in your time off around Melbourne and Victoria: skiing in the Snowy Mountains, water sports in the ocean, the Bay and the Victoria's many lakes, sightseeing along the coastal road, visiting the many wineries, and much more.

Melbourne can be an expensive city in which to live - the cost of housing has increased significantly in recent years and the cost of food and consumables will be higher than in any other Australian city with the exception of Sydney. Oddly, the cost of eating out is very reasonable which is great news for food lovers!

The weather? Very changeable – can deliver four seasons in a day, including the extremes of hot and cold.

GPs seeking a great lifestyle in Australia will find Melbourne delivers on practically every level with the exception that the number of jobs available to UK GPs has decreased in recent years. However, Alecto's head office is based in Melbourne and we know the market better than any and have a good selection of excellent opportunities for the very best GPs. We would advise that if you want to work in Melbourne, you come to Australia as soon as possible, while the opportunities are still there. For more information about the jobs and the city visit our GP jobs Melbourne page.

Of all lifestyles in Australia, Sydney’s has to be the most immediately inviting.  It is a stunning city with water everywhere! Naturally, it particularly attracts the outdoorsy types with its famous beaches to the north and south, and water sports and sailing on the Harbour.  It’s just such an exciting city to live in! It has infinitely better weather than Melbourne – very temperate, but with slightly humid and wet summers and clear, cool, sunny winter days.

Sydney is the largest of Australia's cities and was the first to be established. It is very multicultural with over 250 languages spoken and over a third of its residents being born overseas. The city is the most expensive in Australia. The cost of housing is up there with some of the most expensive world-wide.

The two cities of Newcastle and Wollongong, approximately an hour and a half north and south of Sydney respectively, are worth considering for their lifestyles and GP job opportunities. Both are famous for their amazing beaches and water sports. Wollongong, once a port town, has reinvented itself as a University city and has excellent schools. Newcastle is a short drive from the famous Hunter Valley wine growing region.

Desirable as Sydney may be for people wishing to emigrate to Australia, for UK GPs, this city poses challenges.  DWS jobs are few and far between, and you will inevitably be required to do some serious commuting if you want to live in the city.  But we have a good selection of jobs for those prepared to live on the fringes of the city or commute and if you can afford it, you will experience one of the best lifestyles in Australia. Visit our GP jobs Sydney page for more information about the city and to check out the job opportunities.

This is the city and state you live in if you want a lifestyle in Australia that feels like you are on holiday 365 days a year! It is known as the sunshine state. Brisbane and South Qld are blessed with a perfect subtropical climate and average of eight hours of sun per day.

The state of Qld is best known for its beaches, the famous Gold and Sunshine Coasts, the Great Barrier reef, and beguiling holiday island hideaways and billionaire playgrounds.  The city of Brisbane is Australia's New World City with a booming $154 billion economy. The population is diverse and the people friendly and laid back. 

UK GPs seeking a relaxed, outdoors lifestyle in Australia will find Brisbane and Qld offer amazing opportunities. The city of Brisbane is not DWS, but we have an excellent selection of practices on the edges of the city and towards the coast. Consider the options in our GP jobs Brisbane page.

The rural inland and coast to the north offer exciting opportunities for GPs who want adventure and are prepared to go off the beaten track. These areas are a great source of DWS jobs and in many instances, UK GPs are able to knock years off their DWS moratorium.

We've touched on the major population centres above, but no less interesting are the lifestyle opportunities in regional Australia.

Tasmania off the South Coast of Australia is cool and temperate in climate, but highly varied in geography. Between the capital city of Hobart and Launceston in the north of the state, the countryside is gentle with arable farmlands not dissimilar in appearance to the English countryside, but it also has vast tracts of uninhabited wilderness ripe for exploring. Cradle Mountain in particular a popular challenge for those who like climbing and have a love wild places. Tasmania offers a gentle and very civilised lifestyle for GPs living and working in it's small cities, and the potential for exploration and adventure for those who love a more rugged outdoors lifestlye in Australia.

Darwin in the Northern Territory could not be more different and the lifestyle in this part of Australia is not for the fainthearted. Many English find the weather too hot and humid. Formerly a frontier outpost, Darwin has now become a sizeable city with all the modern conveniences and plenty of luxury, but there is still a sense that it sits uneasily on the edge of the vast and lonely Australian outback. If you have a bit of the pioneer spirit, then the lifestyle in Darwin will be a great fit!

The capital of Australia, Canberra, has it's own small territory - ACT - and is set in the high plains of NSW and close to the Snowy Mountains. The city is a modern construct and many think it rather soulless as a consequence, but people living in the capital love it and enjoy the lifestyle. It's a very polished city with it's houses of parliament, museums and galleries. And with the skiing resort of Thredbo just two and a half hours away, it's a great lifestyle for those who love snow sports.

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